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 Rules and regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and regulations   6/27/2010, 23:20

Rules for debate on the forum.

1.) Debates must be issued by stating one's side of any given issue, and then a challenge must be issued for any opposing view or general opposition.

2.) No name calling, threats, or trolling will be allowed for any reason.

3.) Debates will be discussed until members change their views, accept an opposing view, agree to end it, or do not post for seven days. At any of these times a debate winner will be voted on by the administrators and moderators of the forum, who will grade the winner by reasoning, solid premises, facts, lack of mistakes, links to sites validating one's statistics, dates etc., eloquence, and finally- and most importantly- the overall convincing nature of the argument.

4.) If a debate is in progress, do not join in or comment unless you are going to be a part of the debate itself.

5.) If a debate seems to be getting out of hand or tensions are escalating, moderators or administrators may step in and ask all parties involved to step back and calm down, or delete the thread altogether. We would like to avoid having this happen so please, keep things civil.
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Rules and regulations
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