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Liz Anscombe

Liz Anscombe

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PostSubject: Shawna   Shawna Icon_minitime6/27/2010, 23:24

Word of Warning:

I am quite set in my thoughts, rationalizations, ideals and beliefs. If your sole objective is to sway my opinion, you will fall short. I am not here to convince you so do not try to influence me. Thanks.


I am a 21-year-old college student who is currently not in college… Go figure. Moving has demanded a break between my already-received Associate’s degree and my upcoming Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I am an English major going to school for teaching. I feel strongly on such matters as: abortion, adoption, advertisement manipulation, current war and economic policies, Presidential administrations and political dishonesty, age discrimination, animal testing and experimentation, animal rights, environmental issues, etc. I feel that a human life is more precious than the almighty dollar. I also believe that religion is an institution much like any other. This list can go on and on…

About the Username:

Elizabeth Anscombe (1919-2001) is my favorite female philosopher. She allegedly once said to A.J. Ayer: "If you didn't talk so quickly, people wouldn't think you were so clever"; to which the philosopher replied: "If you didn't talk so slowly, people wouldn't think you were so profound."
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PostSubject: Re: Shawna   Shawna Icon_minitime6/27/2010, 23:28

lol I bet we are going to butt heads on some issues but those will likely be fun discussions. When I first read your name I thought it said Abercrombie I was scrolling so fast >_> Welcome to the forum, start posting!
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