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 Soldier Side

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Intellectual Kshatriya

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PostSubject: Soldier Side   Soldier Side Icon_minitime6/28/2010, 11:01

Hey everybody. Like certain other users, I won't be posting my name either. I think Randy and at least one other person will probably figure out who I am soon enough though Razz

I'm a proud Hindu, and I try to lead my life as such. I recently became a vegetarian (for the second time), and I'm doing a decent job at it. That said, I used to eat chicken like it was nobody's business..

My username is a combination of English (Intellectual) and Sanskrit (Kshatriya). Kshatriya can mean a number of different things, one of which is a soldier. So the username means Intellectual Soldier. By this I don't mean a smart soldier, but rather a soldier who fights on the intellectual level (vs. physical).

The post title is taken from a System of a Down song titled the same, it's on their 2005 album (Hyptonize) for those interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Soldier Side   Soldier Side Icon_minitime6/28/2010, 20:14

I thought It was you.
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Soldier Side
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