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 Why Do People Hate Math?

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PostSubject: Why Do People Hate Math?   Why Do People Hate Math? Icon_minitime7/10/2010, 00:19

I ask a simple question: Why do people hate math?

It seems that generally the average population has a great disdain and dislike for my chosen topic. Even doctors cringe when I mention I'm a mathematics student, and they're supposed to be incredibly intelligent.

Yet the same people who say they despise mathematics have a great penchant for a little number game in very high demand...what's it called...Sudoku?

Sudoku is exactly advanced mathematics making its way into the mainstream consciousness, but it doesn't seem to bring a love of the subject with it. This is rather odd, because advanced mathematics is essentially a game played by certain (very specific and incredibly discerning) rules. That what we mathematicians have come up with has ANY practical purpose is surprising in and of itself, but I digress.

To be blunt, I blame this overall gloom hanging over my topic on the quality (or lack thereof) of mathematical education worldwide.
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Liz Anscombe

Liz Anscombe

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PostSubject: Just a rambling...   Why Do People Hate Math? Icon_minitime7/10/2010, 12:23

I am an English major and it's always been my forte. I used to be afraid of math... Granted, I need math slowed down to understand it and had to work a little harder to do as well as others, but I got the hang of it in college. Failing algebra my freshman year of high school killed any confidence I may have had dealing with math.. Slowed down, I aced it. Knowing I needed to slow down and concentrate made it less fearful. In college, I had an instructor that gave up with only three weeks of class left and not even half of the material covered. A friend and I banded together and worked everyday (minus days for work) to learn the material, take the tests and, in the end, ace the final. Math isn't scary for me anymore.. In personal experience, I had teachers and instructors who, more or less, didn't care. And yes, many teachers (regardless of subject) do not care. They have a specific set of information to relay to their students and that's it. They fail, they fail. Like I said, I'm an English major and my chosen profession is teaching. I tutored through my first two years of college and I plan to continue to do so.. I like helping those who need that little bit of extra help. But I digress. Back to the original point, I feel that my mathematic teachers gave up. /: I just think if they made math more accessible, it wouldn't be as scary. As you said, Soduko was (and is still, to an extent) a whirlwind interjection of math into mainstream masses.. I think, because it's a logic game, people negate the fact that you need math. Hell, my 73-year-old grandfather is in love with Soduko and is damn good at it. But he was an engineer for Ford a majority of his life.. Math was never a problem for him and he knows Soduko deals largely with it. I think Soduko is good though.. Realized or not. Interjected math! Haha. Sorry.. Just thought I'd ramble a bit.
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Why Do People Hate Math?
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