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 Legalization of Marijuana: Ye or Nay?

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Liz Anscombe

Liz Anscombe

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Legalization of Marijuana: Ye or Nay? Empty
PostSubject: Legalization of Marijuana: Ye or Nay?   Legalization of Marijuana: Ye or Nay? Icon_minitime7/31/2010, 00:45

My question is short and I hope to get some good feedback. Though I do not smoke, I see it trivial to include in the "war on drugs." According to the government, marijuana is a "gateway drug" to more harmful drugs. I don't see it as so. Seeing how this drug is widely grown, sold and smoked.. Wouldn't it be beneficial to tax this widespread green?
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Legalization of Marijuana: Ye or Nay?
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